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93 Cobra

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I wonder how collectable the 93 Cobra will be in the future??? The pirces for them currently are pretty decent! Did they come in a convert. option?
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I think the '93 Cobra will become very collectable, particularly as more people learn about this car. Only 4993 produced (along with 107 R versions). I have always felt the '93 is the "forgotten" Cobra but have seen some Mustang magazines put the '93 in their lists of top 10 Mustangs of all time to own.

I believe the only options available were cloth or leather interior, color (black, red, teal), sunroof, and a special stereo system which never did become available. There were no convertibles in '93.
just a cobra guy here....93 to be exact....

love my car, hell love all my

my cobra is teal with grey leather/sunroof...only used for shows though...
I agree, I think the 93 Cobra is a great collector. Low production numbers. First Cobra in years for a Stang at that point. Last year for the body style run which was a popular one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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