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93 Cobra's??? How many?

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How many 93 Cobra's were made? Any in a convert? I think they are going to be great collector iteams. Plus you jsut don't see many on the road so it would be one to have that most do not. I see a TON of the current models everywhere!
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Are you talking about not seeing 93 Cobras or not seeing Cobras at all?

I don't know where you live, but we have TONS down here in Florida. Seems like there are quite a few.

I think the SVTs are going to be more a collectors item one day....

I have done a lot of driving between Nash and Cincy over the last many years and I rarely see any 1993 Cobra's. I see a TON of Newer cobra's but few 1993 model. I think the newer ones also will be collectors, but the 93 just may be one that really hit its big. Low production numbers, first year in years that it was made, and made in a last model style year.
Tim I didnt think you would have mustangs in nash. would'nt be big enough to hold the geetar. (lol).
This is true. Lucky for me and the WORLD, I do not play.
honestly though I cant see nash being a fan of the mustang.
cincy on the other hand, I would go more towards the monte carlo and the iroc, or the late vette's. but this would suit the older folk. most of the younger gen are heading towards the new style pickup.
There were 4,997 Cobras produced in 1993. In addition, there were another 103 1993 Cobra R's.

There were no Cobra convertibles produced in 1993.
Less then 5k made. COLLECTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be getting one. The prices are good!
As far as Nashville, TN. Well it is a diff. Nashville now. With all the new industry, expansion it aint just a Country music city anymore!
so elvis may be alive afterall..
mind you I have'nt set foot in the states sinse 1982, so I may be a little out of touch.
Production Numbers

If anyone's interested in Production numbers by color for each year 93-present, you can visit

It's mostly directed to Yellow Mustang enthusiasts but also has production numbers for all colors on these years.
WAZZZZUUUPPP Stylin Stevie!! How'd you find your way over here? ;) :D
GR8WHITE said:
WAZZZZUUUPPP Stylin Stevie!! How'd you find your way over here? ;) :D
Don't you know? I have entirely too much time on my hands at work! :eek: :p
LOL my kinda job! :D :nuts:
How Many?

My Vibrant Red 93 Cobra is #3126 of 4993 according to the SVT Certification so as a wild guess I would say they made 4,993 of them.

1993 Red Cobra
1997 White Supercharged Cobra Conv.
2000 Red R
You're correct BillsSnake, what moron posted there were 4,997 made. Oh wait, that was me. My bad.
I am holding on to my 1993 cobra. Almost sold it a year ago. They are very rare here in SO CAL.
Had a chance to pick one up cheap since the guy was trying to avoid filling personal bankruptcy. He backed out last minute and just filled bankruptcy and had sold the car to a family friend for $10 and titled under friends name. Ahh well
They did make convertables in 93 the dealer I just got mine from had plenty left.
Nope no Verts for 93.

I am in the market for another 03 but in silver and vert this go around. To match the 03 Cobra coupe I have.
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