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well heres pictures of my car. They are all old so my car is different now but heres the basic Idea. and a list of mods...

Imported Mazda J-spec 2.5L/10-1 compression/ KLZE engine, Imported Mazda J-spec ECU,
Pacesetter Monza exhaust,
DLRalt Free-Flow Cat,
ACT unsprung 4 puck racing clutch,

Eibach pro kit,
Powerslot roters,
Rear caliper 95+ caliper upgrade,
17x7.5 Polished Eagle Alloy rims,
Dunlop sport w-10's 235/40/17zr,

Custom clear corners,
Hyper white 1157's and 194 (PIAA),
Hella 20/20 driving/fog lights (55w/130w hyper white),
H4 headlight conversion 90w/110w hyperwhite bulbs,
Blacklight dome light
Blacklight floor lights

JVC 45w deck,
Sony Xplode speakers all 4 corners,
12" Kicker XPL,
Clarion 200w amp,

Aluminum guage overlays,
Aluminum shift knob,
Aluminum peddals,

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I think the quality is good. It sounds really nice if you like it super loud. It sounds kinda ricy beacause we only have a 2.5L but it is more throaty than a Honda so I love it. The only thing I don't like but isn't noticable is the muffler is black and in the very middle of the muffler the paint burns off. So it looks like theres a silver stripe around it. The only way you can see the silver stripe is to lay under the car and look up(which is kinda hard to do with Eibachs ;))
I would highly recomend it if your looking for a supper sporty look and sound.

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I SECOND THAT! I am getting really tired of everyone slamming the Pacesetter exhaust! It's NOT BAD! I have had mine almost three years now, and everytime I jack up the car I have to take a peek to see if there is this "rust" that everyone keeps talking about and I still dont have ANY RUST YET. It's thicker and better metal than the stock exhaust, and it sounds REALLY throaty with the V6 (3.0), and it sounds even better with an intake. The performance gains were noticable, and it didnt slam my pocket book! People say that it rusts off after 6 months, NOW PLEASE, how stupid is that!? What kind of environment are these people living in? Are they driving on the beach everyday or something? I live in Alaska, and even the cold winter months, even with the de-icing material they put on the roads, it still has not fazed it. Maybe they use different salts in different states, all I know is that it's a great exhaust and I have no complaints about it. The stripes are still on mine, but like mentioned, you cannot see it unless you get under the car.. (H&R's)

I know that's kind of long what I said, but I'm just backing the Pacesetter exhaust. Looks good, sounds good, last long, and is cheap, what more could you ask for?

(I should be a Pacesetter sales rep!) hhahaa..

Now about the other Pacesetter products, not sure what kind of quality they have.

Oh by the way the car kicks ass! KLZE BABY! Have you run it at the track yet? You think you are in the mid 14's at least?

What does a stock KLZE Japanese MX6 run in the 1/4?

Peace out!

Great car! Ive seen some of the pics on the other board and always loved the 3rd one. I think your the first ZE owner here. :p

And Pacesetter is NOT bad at all! Ive had a Monza cat-back on my frist genner and loved it. I think its a great exhaust and not expensive either!
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