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Hi there,

I have an issue with my daughter's car. When I turn off the climate control system to turn off the HVAC, air switches from the dash vents, and blows from the floor. The air is just warm when it switches.

It seems like the blower keeps working.

I recently tried to charge the system with freon, and it worked the first time I did it. The air blew cold, and worked well. The only problem is I had to bypass the low pressure switch on the accumulator. And, no I did not think doing this would be a total fix.

Once the car is off, and I restarted it, the air was no longer cold. Why is this, and what do I do to fix the problem, and get a functional AC system.

The HVAC system would shut off like it should before I did the charging. Now, air is blown into the car, with the climate control off, like it is in fan mode.

The fuse for this car, is shared between the blower and the ignition switch. Apparently the fuse is good, because the ignition switch still works, and the car cranks and runs.

I appreciate any help given. I'd like my daughter's first driving experience in her first car to be a comfortable one.

Thanks for your help.

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