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Hi all,
I’ve recently just inherited my grandmothers 94 Fairlane Ghia 4.0L!
Among a couple of things, the audio was the first on the list to upgrade. The headunit was no longer functional and the speakers were all blown.

My main problem… my new headunit I bought (Pioneer DEH-S5250BT) obviously is not compatible with the original plug. Does anyone know if there are any adapters out there that plug and play straight in?
Has anyone got/know where to find a speaker wiring diagram?

Also wondering if anyone knows if it’s just a 4 speakers system? 1 in each front door and 2 more on the parcel shelf? I also soon plan to add a sub in the boot at some point.

First pic: factory audio plug
Second pic: plug for new head unit

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See Ford Falcon 1994-1998 EF, EL | Aerpro (available on order from Supercheap, Repco and Autopro etc), There are also two additional tweeters one on each end of the front dash panel at each end near the base of the front windscreen and a subwoofer in the center of the rear parcel shelf; so 7 speakers in total. The desperate amplifier is the drivers side of the boot the corner behind the side panel near the driver's side tail lights. You should have found the Alpine CD changer on the other side of the boot below the parcel shelf.
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