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This isn't mine, this belongs toa friend of mine. He doesn't have the internet, so I figured I'd put this up for him.

Here is a pic of my friend's '94 Mustang GT 5.0. Currenty the car has 410's, underdrive pulleys, exhaust, K&N, a 1" drop, the Cobra R's pictured, Saleen Body Kit, a few other goodies that can be seen in the pic, and he just put a rebuilt 5.0 in it, that will be soon supercharged at 9 psi of bizoost. Enjoy! Oh and a couple things that I forgot were the fiberglass hood that he did himself that has scoops from a Z-28 reversed in the front of the hood. You can't see that in the pic. Also he has color changing paint that goes from green to silver stripes that run of the side of the hood, and the same stripes on the indented part of the doors. The Cobra R rims will have this same paint on them soon. Beige Top(brand new). Rear seat covers that he modified himself to fit with that crossbar on. Ummmm, the Mach 460 sounds system replaced with better aftermarket stuff. I think that's about it for now.

By the way, this car was bought smashed. He installed the kit, and everything on
the car himself. He has somewhere in the area of $15,000 in the car. I feel so lucky
to have a guy that'll do work for me for free or next to it.
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