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Last night I took my cruiser to my mechanic and we upgraded my brakes from the stock 11 inch warp prone rotors and single piston caliper to the 12 inch rotors and dual calipers.
It’s a very worthwhile upgrade! We did run into a bit of a snag with the caliper hose on the driver’s side, but that was minimal. I also found out something I didn’t know about my car.

I don’t have ABS after all.

I thought I did, but sure enough, I don’t have it. I have been standing on those brakes since ’99 and I have yet to lock them up. Go figure. Anyway, If you’re going to do this upgrade I suggest making damn sure that the car you are getting the donor parts from has everything you need. We lucked out because the 99 Interceptor we got my parts off of didn’t have ABS either.

If I had had ABS it would have meant that I would have had to have tracked down a hub to insert behind the rotor. The car stops on a dime now and there’s no fade whatsoever. There’s also no pulsing in the brakes (bye, bye, warp). If you guys are having problems with rotor warp (more noticeable at higher speeds) I highly suggest getting rotors and calipers from a 98 and up and doing this mod.

I also came across this on Bruzilla's site. He has some really good info here. You might want to check it out!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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