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Howdy folks,
After a brief aberration with a GMC Suburban I'm back into a Ford van. My last one 'Easy bake' was totaled by a scheissekerl that ran a stop sign. My newer one I think I'm dubbing 'Strayhound' I'll be psting pics and other once I get going again.
For the sake of future planning I'm wondering if anyone has built a bed, platform or rack to sleep on in this seriers of Econoline and how they went about it.
On 'Easy Bake' I found a steel framed futon on closeout at WalMart years abo that fit as though it was made for it. I still have the pad so I may go that route again, but pending my headlight retro upgrade I'm looking for diy ideas.

Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid for any responses.
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