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98 EL servixe questions + 4.0ltr spluttering on start up

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First of all you got a thread for the Ford moon rover but no falcon thread really or 4.0ltr engine thread come on. Now I am new to working on my car and I want to change my 98 EL falcon 4.0ltr GLi's leads and spark plugs was wondering if anyone has a basic guide link or advice I have googled and you tubed so much all v6 videos and au links litteraly no EL info well its there I just can't find it lol also I am lookong for anyone who can tell me how to flush a EL 4.0ltr engines radiator.
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Sounds like what you need is a regular service manual. I can give you generalities, but being a Yank, I'm not as familiar with the model and engine specifics.
Perhaps these guys may have what you're looking for? Ford | Falcon Service Repair Workshop Manuals
The distributor cap is pretty inaccessible unless you remove the air cleaner air box (top and bottom halves). Some bent extra-long long nose pliers like these ToolPRO Long Nose Pliers - Extra long, Bent, 290mm are also useful for threading the leads between the intake runners,
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