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I've got a 98 F250 Lariat, 4x4, with A/C, 4.6 L V8 I've been working on for the last few months. In the last couple of weeks, I've been dealing with overheating, and I'm stumped.

I got to messing with the cooling system because of a gurgling noise behind the dash. I did a full flush of the system, which seemed like a good thing because clumps of brown thick gel came out of the system with the coolant. Refilled it with clean coolant and ran it - no issues....
Until the next morning. Driving a few miles to drop my daughter at school, it overheated. Lots of white "smoke" from the exhaust. I got out and massaged the top hose a few times until it "released." Started the engine... temp went back to standard operating. Dropped my daughter off and drove around the corner... overheated again... more white smoke. Massaged the hose some more... released. I drove back home with no overheating. Drove my other daughter to school 30 minutes later - no problems.
Changed the thermostat and refilled with coolant.... overheated again.
Changed the water pump.... still overheating.
Talked with a mechanic, who targeted the white smoke and cited a leaky head gasket. Suggested I buy Fiberlock and follow the directions in adding it to the system. So I did.....
Still overheating.

If I loosen the cap on the coolant tank, the overheating stops.
If I tighten the cap and disconnect the radiator overflow hose, the overheating stops.
It does not overheat while idling - only while driving.
Fan clutch? Serpentine belt? Something I'm completely overlooking?
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