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'98 Gt

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In March of 1998 I took delivery of a '98 Mustang GT, its Rio Red with a 5 speed. I ordered it with the 3.27 axle since the 4.6L was down on power, at least up 'til 1999. I still like the looks of the '94-'98s a little more than the '99 & up. I sure wish it had the power they do though. As I stated on the '87-'93 forum, I also have an '89 LX 5.0L. I'll be waiting a few years, when the 2003/04 comes out, and see what it's like. If it's what I'm hoping for, I'll buy one. If not, I'll probably do the '99 & up headswap on my '98 GT and buy me an older ('67 or '68) Mustang instead.
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