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99 Cougar

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Still love driving it!

99 Cougar
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I see you posted. I set your account to the correct info. Did you get my email about that?


Yes, I got serveral from you guys on Friday. :nuts:
Was not sure. I know that Tim may have emailed you as well. I stillget some of the email that comes through here.


Glad that you made it
Rob, your cat looks very good. I like the hood.:D
Nice car there Bob. (I assume that is your name.) How is the cougar selling over in the States?
Actually I live in Texas. It doesn't sell as well as it would if Mercury would use the people who made Lincoln LS commercials to market the Cougar.
Are you please with it so far?

What did you have before the Cougar?
I love it. I have not had any problems with it. Aftermarket mods are finally starting to open up but it has taken two years for companies to catch on. I handles like a dream and is very comfertable and quick. I have a KKM induction kit, and plan to add a cat back exhaust. That will be fast and loud enough for me. Unless, Banshee deciedes to make a shaker style ram air kit. I plan to add some ground effects. This is my 13th car, because I drove a lot of betters in college. My last car was a 94 LX Mustang. I had a brand new 82 GT Must. when it came out. My Cougar is faster and hanles better than Camero/Firebirds. I don't think I have been this satisfied with any other car I have owned.
Planning to add the ground effects show here in the picture this fall...


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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