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I need a bit of help here...

The Vehicle: 1999 F150 XLT with electronic 4x4

The problem: We think the ECU is fried....

One of the tags says XL34-14A067-BB... The other has a big letter "C" on it... My friend has pulled about a dozen of these in the junkyard,, and none of them match the number code written above...

Do we need to replace the part with the letter "C" on it (the two units come apart), and does it matter what the code is on the fusebox,, as long as the ECU says "electronic 4x4" and has the letter "C" on the sides of the bar code...?? Or, do we need to find both pieces as a unit...???

I'm thinking that all we need is the letter-coded part, and then we can bolt it to the fuse block,, as long as the tag is the same on the 'brain box'....

How many variations of these are out there...???

I'm from the world of carbs and 'banjo rears', so this ECU stuff is new to me... I'm just trying to help my buddy get his truck back on the road...

Thanks in advance...!!!
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