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Blue Stripes

Aussie Falcon,
Thanks for asking about my Blue Stripes. Actually the pain is BASF Extreme Mystic. A muliti-colored Paint that Ford used on the 96 Mystic Cobra, of which about 2000 were produced. The Paint changes colors as you move around the car. The paint is also very expensive, about $2000.00 per gallon plus the hardeners and reducers and then the clear coat. If you go to either of my web sites you'll be able to see some different colors. I've counted over 8.
The paint makes the car a great getaway car, "Officer, it was a white car with Blue Stripes, No, they were Purple, no they were Green,,, etc.

While driving, everytime you look in the rear view mirror, the wing is a different color.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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