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Hello all,

I am switching to a bumper that says "COBRA" purely for looks. anyone interested in my current bumper please email me or respond to this post. I am willing to ship it.

The bumper is rio red and is 99.9999% perfect. There is one blemish thanks to an idiot that bumped me. The mounting screw from his front plate scratched the paint slightly. Check out these pics. I took the last two to show the blemish....because I'm not trying to hide anything. I want to show just how INSIGNIFICANT it is. The car is washed weekly and treated with wax & paint sealent every 6 months. Car has seen rain 3 times and never seen snow. Beatiful looks and finish!!!!

Close-ups of the blemish:

Because the way the bumper is angled, its very hard to see the scratch unless you bend down and look right at it. See? This pic is looking down upon the bumper.

Perfect if you have been rear-ended or want to do a dual exhaust conversion on a V6. Will sell cheap...price will depend on if it has tobe shipped (i.e. will sell cheaper if shipping costs are required).

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Hello all,.

Buyer backed out and now this bumper is available again.

Let me know if you are interested.
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