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Hi, I have a 93 Escort LX and the air recently went on it. The problem is the clutch in the compressor and I dont have the helm manual for the car (I dont want to spend 96 bucks on the helm shop manual for a car im not going to have much longer) My question is, can anyone email me a scanned copy of how to replace the clutch in the A/C compressor for that year model (94+ were r134a and previous were r12) ? Or if someone has done this before and its easy to describe then by all means let me know

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A/C Compressor clutch

I recently replaced the clutch bearing on my '92 taurus. From what I heard the A/C compressors are used in many vehicles, so the experience might be the same.

Just so you know, you may need a special tool to remove the clutch. Often the comp. and clutch are sold connected, and they are generally not seperated by the do-it-yourselfer.

The tool you can get for $40-$60. You'll also need a special tool to easily remove the c-clip that holds the clutch bearing on. The tool is called "snap clip pliers" and a pro pair cost me $30.

Before you tear it all up, know that I got a used compressor + clutch for $85 from a pulling yard locally. Good luck to you.

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