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I have always been a Chevy & Toyota fan. Never had much use for FORDs until I got my '89 Probe GT (1988).
I took it for a test drive (it looked so space-age back then) and could not believe it was just a 4 cylinder.
That Probe caught on fire and burned to a crisp on the side of the 14 fwy. I replaced it with another '89 PGT. I stuck with the 1st gen. probe because now that I have kids, it is the ultimate "Family Car". It's got go performance for me & cargo room for all of the kid's junk.
I still have my Toyota 4x4 & my V8/ tubbed Chevy vega wagon but now I have come to accept FORDs . . . Probes anyway; I feed the other FORDs to my MegaVega!

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Hey Micheal, what size engine do you have in the Mega Vega ? I knew some people who use to have a Vega coupe, they cut out the fire walls and put a 350ci engine in it.
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