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460 into Falcon X series conversion, mounts & extractors, brand new $500
Plenty of E7 heads, all good cond $300 pr
ELGT extractors, 5 sets $400 pr
Complete Ho manifolds, too many to count $250
NC Fairlane Ghia timber door trims perfect $200
Barbie plates suit EF/L $150
AUIII Pursuit factory exhaust new $250
BA ute cat back twin system 2.5" off V8 Brute $400
NC dash 160k $50
EL BEM's Mid and High $150/$200
Windsor into F series Bronco shape Hooker Headers $150

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hey mate. you have to delete some PM's. they wont let me send you 1.

anyway, this is what i was gunna say

i dont suppose you have an au xr8 engine cover for sale do you?

if not, do you know anyone that might?

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