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Hey Folks I'm new here and just finding my way about.... There are a lot of forums, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place?

So... I seem to be developing a habit of collecting broken F Series trucks, I'm pretty mechanically capable... But some trucks have bigger problems than other!

I drove my 1992 F350 into a flood (I thought the air intake was higher than it was) and now the 351W is very dead.

I bought a 1978 F350 Ranger, because I was told it had the engine I needed, but it's a 351C or M, I can't quite remember at the moment, but basically the bellhousing isn't going to fit.

Then last week, I found a 1989 F250 on Craigslist for $500 and am trying to work out why it's not running. The roll pin in the dizzy cog had broken, but there's... Something else too, maybe the ECU... I'm working through the process. (with a lot of help from your previous posts! Thanks)

Anyway.... The first truck has many problems, a loom fire with full hillbilly repair, shotgun holes in the footwell and then I killed it... So unless an engine falls into my lap, I'll probably turn it into a trailer. (the flat bed and crane on the back are quite useful)

The second truck is so pretty, I'd like to find it a good home.... It has a flat bed too.... And probably the toughest ladder rack in America... It's welded 4" box section! 😊

Apparently only the fuel tank was missing, but then I found the cables to the coil cut. It doesn't have a key, so I tried a jumper hot wire situation, but gave up when I didn't get a HT spark.

Are these things valuable? Shall I put some effort into it? It's got a few dings and dents with 31k on the odometer, but guessing from the wear that's genuine... Or it only went round once, so 131k!

Anyway... This is me, who I am and what I got. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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