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Hey y'all.

I've been suffering through some unusual heat here in Seattle, infact the entire West Coast is feeling it all weekend.

My truck, a 92 Ranger with 4.0L V-6 has AC but it's currently empty of freon. I've wanted to get it fixed but with a lack of a steady income and potential costs, I've decided to try and do the work myself. Research and observations have revealed the system to appear OK, the compressor seems fine when I jumpered the electrical connector as the clutch/compressor kicked in like it should but the high service (small) lines didnt get cold, indicating the system was just empty of refrigerant as being most likely the case.

Since finances have been really tight, getting the accumulator will have to wait ($40 on average, even online) and then do the conversion. So I thought I'd just add the freon now, and then have the system reclaimed and I'd do the proper conversion within a couple of months when it's not quite so hot.

Today, I came close to doing just that but the conversion adaptors stopped me. Upon further looking at the accumulator where the service port is located, the valve is actually on top of the accumulator itself, on a 90 Degree fitting. But where it's located, replacing it won't be as simple as it could be due to space constraints to disconnect it at it's fittings, esp. the bottom line.

So, what I want to know is, when I replace the accumulator, does that valve get replaced too? If so, can I just screw on the adaptor, add the 134-A now to get things working between now and mid Sept or so, empty the system at a recovery station and replace the accumulator and refill?

I figured there must be a Ford mechanic who can answer this.

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