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Adaptive Shift Strategy - Transmission 6F35

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Is there a way to reset the adaptive transmission learned parameters in a 2013 Ford Fusion (S) model?

Disconnecting the battery wouldn't affect it, I don't think. Also, a scan tool will not be able to clear these parameters anymore than being able to clear permanent DTC codes. This is the kind of stuff that dealer-level software does.

Is there anything on the market that doesn't cost thousands of dollars to have the same kind of access to the computer that dealerships use? Something that can command shift solenoids on and off, etc. during testing and other advanced features.
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Not that I know of. You're probably better off going to the dealer.

Maybe someone else on the forum will have an idea.
FORScan ? But doubtful if you can justify the outlay and ever recoup the initial cost unless you are doing other vehicles also , or have more needs for checking out etc . So probably a no goer .
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