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Add one more to the list.

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Hi there, everyone.

I been observing this forum for some time now. Seems the head honcho, on, has his act together. A well thought out place to allow the meeting of the minds for all FORD enthusiasts. Speaking of which I own a Ferrari red 68 Mustang coupe. It’s been modified here and there. Then I added a little “flash”. It’s a driven (not a trailer queen) show car, that up to now has won 41 awards in the last 27 months of our car show season. It will hold its’ own in either a judged or people’s choice car show. Needless to say I only get to drive it on the weekends, and rarely during the mid-week, to some of the car shows or show & shines. I really do look forward each time I can get behind the wheel of my Mustang and go. Especially, after being cooped up in my home office all week long.

Let’s see.....I always been a FORD person. I like the idea of taking a basic FORD car and turning it into something that will move and look good. Been doing this since I was 18. Got hooked into the street scene and cruisin’ since that age (I’m now 47). I always liked the idea of leaving brand “X” in a wake of dust. That’s not to say that I wasn’t in that dust once in a while. But, it was all in fun, and meeting people, and cruisin’, and being young and crazy. Now a days, I don’t really prove my need for speed in as much as my need to show. Getting old kind of....well, you know.

Most all the work, that is done to my Mustang, is done by me. I only say this, because I do enjoy turning a wrench. About the only thing I can’t do is the machine work, tranny rebuilds, and dialing in a set of rear end gears. So if I get an idea, and the funds, to add a little appeal to the senses, I’m the one who will do the work.

I’m not really new to the forums either. I’m registered on several other FORD or Mustang forums. Some FORD people may already know me from several of the other FORD or Mustang forums on the net. Hey, to those!

Btw I more or less know one member here who drives a very nice black Ranchero. I’ve seen the car last year in a FORD show in Tucson. Hey, DanB!

I’m also president of a local show car/truck club know as “THE GROUP”. Good, decent people who like the idea to show their classic collectibles in some of the local (greater Southwest) car/truck shows. Yes, some are brand “X”. Forgive me. But, it makes for either some great across the line help and (or) jabbing at one another. Fortunately, we are not so hung up about “a brand” or “a model” that we will, at lease, get out and show or cruise together. I think some of you know what I mean. But, I will remain to like FORDs better, since I go
with what I know.

Lets that all for now (hmmm, you know my age and my general location, so I don’t have to do that in the other threads - lol). Yup, that’s it for now!

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Wow, sounds like you have quite the Mustang. I, or WE would all like to see you post some pictures of it! Maybe with all your awards and trophys around it. And maybe you can possibly give some of us some good show tips for us that plan on doing the same thing. I would like to turn my car into a daily driver, show, and race car all into one. I know it's difficult to do that, but that's the plan for now. I own a 1990 Ford Probe LX 3.0L V6. Hardly a Mustang, but I still love it anyways. It's good to see new members with alot of experience behind them and in front of them. I would also like to be able to do all my work myself as well, but I am slowing learning the ropes, and doing things one at a time. It's difficult not having a garage however, and during the winter I cannot do anything for fear of freezing my balls off outside.

I WANT TO SEE YOUR MUSTANG! Talk to you later, feel free to hop on over to the Probe section and give us some pointers if you see that we need any. (We do)

Take it easy.

1990 Probe 3.0
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Welcome to FF. Put up a pic of your car, I love the classic Mustangs. I guess it's because my first two cars were a 66 and 67 Mustang. :thumbup:
its nice to see some classic car people joining in on all the fun around here. i have to agree about the pictures we'd like to see some. after you get done in the probe section come on over to the trucks, its lonely down there we could use some company.
Thanks for the great feedback. I guess I am the head honcho!?!?! Ha ha ha ha. There is also the site owner, John (lunatic) that owns the site and has done some of the work you see here. But I am the one that set up the forums as you see them today for the most part. If you think we can change something to make this site better let me know. Tell you friends on your OTHER sites to come join us.
Hey welcome Jim, it definitely sounds like you've got a great 'Stang! See ya around the boards! :)

Welcome Jim, like the others before me I, too, am dieing to see your car. Im sure you have some pictures, please post some.
Great to have you here, looking forward seeing you on the forums,
Hey, welcome Jim! Just found this place myself, and I'm impressed.:thumbup:

I think I know which Mustang you own - were you at the OPMC show at the casino? If it is the one I'm thinking of...very nice!!!:thumbup:
Well, thank you everyone for the kind responses & welcome. I appreciated that.

I haven't been able to post a reply for the last couple of days because I been studying for a test. A stress test that is.....past only by 103%. Oh well, I will just have to do better next time. lol.

Now, I do have a question! Where on FordForums does one fine everyone's cars/trucks, or index, in a single collection page? Seems I can't find that page (if it exist). I would really like to post a few jpg on FordForums, but....... I'm hoping someone will not tell me that I need to register a home page, then post the pics. I will never be able to understand how that is done alone! Might need some help with that one. Anyway, I think I'll take Vulcan Power's advise & do the shoot with awards (great idea).

I won't be around much the first part of this coming weekend. I'm off to Globe, AZ, with the club, to do another show. I don't know if we will be helping with the show or participating until we get there. Does make a difference in participating votes. We try to pretty much bow out of the show & do a "display only" if anyone helps in hosting a show. It levels the playing field. I do know this. This will be the last show in the desert areas until fall. It gets hotter than blazes, for a outside show in the desert, during the summer months. Our choices we are left with is to move to the higher elevations or we stay home and prep for the fall shows.

Until next time everybody motor safe! :wink2:
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Jim - There are a few sites where you can "store" pics. I have a bunch at and it is free and fairly user friendly. Also check out , which is another free site. If you don't mind paying, is a decent place, but I don't think it's very easy to use.

I haven't used Zing, but both Webshots and Photopoint allow you to either upload pics from your hard drive or email them as attachments. It's much easier and faster than setting up a website, but even that isn't too difficult....if I can figure it out, anyone can.:p
Actually you can upload pics from your hard drive directly to this site, but they'll only be up for a couple weeks, maybe a month tops. After you click on "post new thread" or "post reply" scroll all the way to the bottom of the reply window and just above the "submit reply/thread" button you will see a section to attach a file. Just click browse and find the corresponding pic on your hard drive and it will be uploaded to FordForums' website and you can share your pics with everyone that way. That's one of the cooler features of this board, IMO.

Ok, I'm back!

Wot a weekend! First it rained during the show in Globe. Then it stopped. Then it started. Then it stopped. Then it started. Then it finally stopped. Talk about getting your exercise in. I know I tried to dry my Mustang at lease 3 different times for the show (no rain date - the show had to go on). I took second (peoples choice) to a 68 GT Vert. I know for a fact my paint was better, my body was cleaner, and my chrome was nicer. I had it pointed out to me it was only because it was a vert and mine was a coupe. Oh well, I had to smile when they won. They were an older couple. When the host club annouced them as first, she jumped up with a big woohoo. You think it might had been there only win. Who knows. Still it was a fun show! Way to go Gold 'N' Oldies (host club).

My real troubles began when I got home though. First my daughter's car was parked out in the driveway, in front of the Mustang's garage door. She told me she couldn't start her car. She thought she had a dead battery. She was right. Well, it was early in the evening, but I was dog tired from having only 3 hours of sleep the night before (partying) and from the show. So, I told her I would take care of it tommorow and I would take my truck out for the night so I could park my Mustang in it's place. The next day I did replace her battery and in the process of wearing my grubs (holes in cutoffs) I ripped the extended part of the front trim from my grille on my Mustang. I hate parking the Mustang in that spot, because that is a tight part of the garage where everyone ends up walking by to get to the side door or sink. Thankfully, I didn't scar the paint. So I'm afraid the pictures will be delayed, until I can replace the trim (maybe by the end of next week). Until then, I do have a link to our club site. But, the picture of my Mustang is terrible. I'm reluctant to show anybody this picture, until I can get our web guru to change it for the better. It's like taking a picture of your kids after they been out playing all day. Here it is Mine is posted on the upper right. I know I need to get some new updated pictures of the interior (thats changed), the engine (thats changed), and the front with the added chrome and the wonderbra (for those long trips). Until then......
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To the point of Pics only staying up for a few weeks, well to date anything you post stays up. Unless John(site owner) is taking some down all pics are staying up. There is one forum, Members Non Ford Rides and Stuff, where it is posted that pics will not stay up longer then a month. Well the area is not as busy as I had figured so I have not cleaned them out. Maybe I should now!?!? He he he :wink2:
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