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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information on how I could get my car on the cover of a parts catalog or get a magazine to do an article on it. It is in beautiful shape and I just want to share the passion with others, also, if anyone has any show information for the Raleigh/Durham area, could you please pass that along. Thanks for your help.
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there are plenty of mustang, ford, or musclecar mags out there.

how about writing up a small testimonial about your car and submit it with pictures. give the publications a reason why your car should be featured in the magazine. what kind of mods are in the car? has the car been resto'd? if so, do you have the before/after pics and/or pics as the car was going through the process.

many articles that i've seen in the pony mags originated as a follow-up to a letter sent in from a reader, or as a result of a local car show/swap meet/fun run. check up on the local mustang/ford/musclecar clubs and find out when they get together. that would be a great time to have a mag get out there to see the group and your car in particular.

Yeah, I agree. You must realize that these writers have to come up with 4-5 new cars each month for the mag. Cars that are worth looking at quickly get hard to find around them. It is much easier to have someone write it with a good oppurtunity. Hit all the mags you can, whats so bad if more than one says yes! And then if they don't get back to you send em another reminder letter 6 months later with some more pics. A good, short, to the point letter that details your cars high points and "story" will probably get you a long way!
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