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Oh what a feeling: you may as well jump up and down because it's all the excitement you're going to get driving a white Camry.

Avalongweegend: the longer the better 'cos that's less time you're going to have to spend being embarrassed in your Avalon.


HSV - I just want one: so I can be exactly like the other 12,000 people who have one and poke sh*t at all my Ford driving friends.

Astra-nomical: that's the price we're asking for a small and gutless Euro box.


Zoom, zoom: actually pronounced zuhm, zuhm this is the sound you can make while driving your Mazda 6 so it sounds like a proper car.


Please consider: whether you really want to be seen in an ugly Magna and help to keep us producing bland and boring cars for the cardigan set.

Spirited cars for spirited people: we left out the 'dis'.


Own the road: well at least the bits that aren't inhabited by HSV's.

No boundaries: to the depreciation on your AU1 Forte or to the falling sales figures.

Total Performance: we couldn't make it quicker than the opposition but we figure if we can sell you on this concept then you'll ignore the fact that pimply faced youths in SS Commodores can blows the doors of your FPV.


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Honda - The Power Of Dreams : ... of an endless supply of 8000rpm FWD torque-less badly styled econobox derivatives for the current generation of Ricers...

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I like it Russ. True indication of all the brands methinks.

If only the Ford one wasn't true though. [/sigh]

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Slightly off topic but I always like having a whinge about it:

"Live It" - A 9 million dollar advertising campaign that never actually showed a Ford product in it....:wank: :wank:
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