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Hey Gang,

I'm looking to buy a Ford Ranger - my budget is around $5k (Canadian), depending on the shape it's in. It's mostly for my daily driver as well as for hauling stuff (wood, dirt, gravel) for projects around the home.

I'm basically hoping to find
-a 4x4 model (this is a requirement, hard winters here)
-Non extended cab - can I assume that if the cab isn't extended, then the truck bed size will be larger? If this isn't the case then the extended cab is ok with me
-minimal rust (definitely don't want trashed rockers, and minimal rust underneath - it may be a long shot for this)
-automatic transmission
-power features (windows, mirrors - this would be a bonus)
-working AC/heat

Would you all mind giving me some advice on what to specifically look for (issues that are common with these models).

I used to have a Jeep Cherokee Sport, did a lot of work on it myself (leaf springs, shocks, x-joints, main bearings, etc). All of that done with help from forum members and youtube, with only previous "oil change" experience.

I'm hoping the Ranger would be in the same class of vehicle that I can tackle repairing myself for wear and tear items like the ones described above.

If there is a post that covers this, would you please point me in the right direction?


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Best advice I can give: stay away from the 4 cylinders. Never saw one that the owner didn't complain about it being under powered.
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