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I must tell you that I’m not at a 14-grade level at changing sparkplugs but, at a 6-grade level at lest I know enough to get by. I know what spark plug wires, distributors, and boots are and look like. I’m also familiar with the principle of operate of each part. I know how each part interrelates with each other in that they function together and operating as a unit.

The problem with changing the spark plugs on a 1993 Ford Aerostar is that they are not easily assessable. Also, before the distributor can be seen three different components has to be disconnected: the doghouse, the computer module, and the upholder.

The spark plugs locations are not made visible by simply opening the hood. Removing the distributor access items will not make the spark plug locations visible.

I heard that someone out there knows a technique that any one can apply, to gain access to the spark plugs for this vehicle. I would be very grateful if he/she/they would share that knowledge with me.

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On the passenger side my can lift the van and let the wheel hang and you can get them though the fender well. I get to the driver side from under the hood. My Aero is a 90 4.0.
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