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On my AUII, I plan on dropping an aftermarket sound system...but in stages. Just wondering if people can give me any advice or advise me on any problems I might run into.

At the moment I just have the Standard Sound (not premium). The first things I'm going to get is an amp (1200w, 4 channel, 4ohm), and 2x12" subs. I just plan to redirect the current front speakers channels into the amp, to send the bass to the subs, and the midrange into the front speakers.

The rear speakers, for the time being will still be from the headunit. I'm going to turn the bass down on the headunit for the rear speakers and keep the front ones only doing bass (this allows the amp to stop the fronts from doing bass).

Next I'll be getting a decent headunit, then slowly drop nicer 4"(?) and 6"(?) splits and tweeters for the front and rear speakers.

Can anyone see a problem with this? Any advice?
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