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I can only speak on the basis of experience with Australian Fairlanes that use a similar SLS system as the Lincoln (but on the rear only). You'll need to run the SLS (Self Levelling Suspension) self test mode and see what the resultant codes tell you about what is wrong. Hopefully you have a workshop manual that tells you how to do this. I gather some of the tests are different than in our Australian cars and that in some cases to initiate the self test mode in addition to, like we also do with our Oz cars, having to flick the driver door internal light switch on and off three times in one second you may also have to ground a test terminal. In any event, in addition to leaks the fault light might be a result as something as trivial as blocked air inlet filter, disconnected link from between the computer module and chassis, loose wiring or high battery drain (so the compressor doesn't get enough volts to keep the suspension up). I assume you checked both the air lines and shock absorbers for leaks (using a sprayed on mix of water and dishwashing liquid and looking for bubbles) ? The shock absorbers need to be tested by fully inflating them in self test mode (leaks at lower ride height can be sealed by the rubber shock bellows folding over the leak). Once the cause is found the solution in terms of remaining with the SLS or going to conventional suspension is one of taste but I prefer SLS. If you can hear the compressor running when you turn on the ignition after the car has been parked for a few hours the compressor is most likely OK. Leaky rear shock absorbers (often due to leaking exhaust and subsequent heat on the shock absorber rubber bellows) is the most frequent major failure but after market air shocks will work in place of the factory originals.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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