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I have the classic battery died replaced it and started getting the airbag light blinking...
5 - 2 code 52. I have read several (many) cures... but none have work for me.
One said to take the right kick panel out, and there would be a two pin plug to the right of the airbag computer.
Could not find it anywhere. I attached a picture.
I then found that it could be cleared from Data Link Connector with the proper reader. I just have the OBC reader.
Found this on the forum
EFGTHO Registered User

Go to the Data Link Connector next to the fuse panel....

find a piece of wire 100mm long (bare ends)
igniton to ACC
Top row ... 4th from left = Air Bag Clear pin
connect to
Bottom row... 3rd from left = Ground pin
having connected these two pins for a few seconds
(must have GOOD CONNECTION... not easy)
you will hear 5 quick BEEPS... then remove wire...
check for any new codes....
repeat above if necessary

I am not sure if I should be counting just the pins or the spaces? I attached a picture. ANyhow to eliminate the bottom connections I ran a ground wire to space :
Top row ... 4th from left = Air Bag Clear pin to ground = nothing
then counted just the pins Top row ... 4th from left = Air Bag Clear pin ran it to ground = nothing.

Airbag light continued to flash. It's driving me nuts. But this member TopGhia Just wait for 255 key cycles and it will self erase. :)
Hey I settle for that. OR

Maybe I am just not on the DLC airbag clear pin?


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Have you tried taking it to Advanced Auto or AutoZone? They generally will loan a scanner that can clear the code. BTW, which year is it?

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It's a 96 Ford Ranger 3.0 5 speed. Would that I could I live in Clear Lake Ca. It's not like other Ca Counties, there is nothing here. A Napa and Kragen's or Oreilys thats it.

I also heard there was a plug MIGHT be to the left behind the glove-box. I pulled it out ... nada.
Thanks for the info... next time I go to the "big City" I can keep that in mind. I asked around, and I get "hey it's cost me a lot of money, I gota charge. I understand, If I could just find that wire, Circuit 631 (T/R) . I could ground it. But I ripped the seats out so I could get a look under the dash. No grey two pin plug with the (T/R) and ( BK).

THanks shawn
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