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To remove the airbag you need to do this

1. Disconnect Battery. Wait about 5 mins (have a quick beer)
2. Pop plastic plugs out of side of steering wheel
3. Undo torx bit bolts through side of wheel (one each side)
4. Remove airbag and carefully unplug yellow plug and earth lead off back of bag.
5. Carefully sit airbag on passenger seat, face up.
6. Unplug stereo/cruise plug (small black plug)
7. Undo torx bolt that holds wheel on
8. Tap sides of wheels hard with fists to loosten wheel
9. Remove wheel

Installation opposite of reverse, obviously

There are special size torx screws that hold the airbag in. Im not too sure of the size, perhaps someone else here may know.

if you are changing the complete wheel and airbag, I'd go for one off the same model e.g. AU XR6 The airbag plugs ARE DIFFERENT and I wouldnt suggest changing wiring.

good luck
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