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Geoff Polities was so impressed with Ambrose in the first couple of rounds that he got Ambrose to sign a deal with Ford that will see him drive for them for the next 5-6 years. :)
Ambrose has got a contract at the moment with Stone Brothers Racing for 2 years and it is likely he will stay with them after his current contract expires.
In '99 Ambrose beat Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button in the European Formula Ford Championship and this proves how good he really is :D

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This is good for Ford, but maybe not so good for Ambrose, he could have been able to get up there in F1 if he could get corporate backing.

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That is bloody great news there gms00. He is obviously a top driver and considering the results and he hasn't got any experience with the car or the tracks, then I would say that he could be the best out there.

Geoff needs Ambrose and Lowndes in a full factory backed TEAM!

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That's great news. All we need now is to see Dave Besnard back up where he belongs... :D :thumbup: Another few rounds and I think we'll see Dave's driving goodies come to the fore.

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Me thinks the (2001)
Ford signs Ambrose for 5-6 year's
Ford signs Besnard for 5-6 year's
Ford slowly backs away from FTR
Seton goes back to GSR, slowly pull's away from Tickford

2 years later (2003)
Ford suddenly announces new FTR team and backing
Ambrose and Besnard to drive 2 new FTR cars
Fred Gibson announced as new team manager for FTR
Fred Gibson still run's GMS with Lownde's
GMS taken under Ford's wing

Still the same 2 year's
HRT still run by idiot (same)
HRT now run 4 teams not 2 as now
HRT now have leeanne ferrier as a driver
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