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In late February, 2001, I ordered a dual Amsoil filter assembly. I was assured the assembly and associated filters would keep my engine much cleaner and require fewer oil changes. I also utilized the recommended Amsoil RACING OIL 0-30 Series 2000. On March 4, 2001, I installed the assembly. The engine was a brand new Ford crate motor with 700 miles on it. After driving for 10-15 minutes the engine began making a knocking noise. The installation was inspected by the local Amsoil dealer who ensured the oil was flowing the correct directions and the hoses were properly installed. He could not see anything wrong and suggested I have the engine pan removed and that I should contact Amsoil for direction. He said they would probably want to see the filter assembly to check it for defects.

The inspection at the local Ford dealership revealed a catastrophic oil failure with all the rod bearings having spun. The local engine mechanic kept detailed records on the teardown and believes the failure (along with several other experts in the field) was due to the restriction of oil flow back to the pan by the Amsoil filters.

To make a very long story shorter, Amsoil stated they looked at the parts in the tech lab and found everything working fine. The also had another “expert” inspect the actual engine and car. His comment was that he could not see anything wrong with my install. They refused the work with California’s Automotive Bureau to attempt to mediate the situation. They stated they thought it could have been a wide variety of user installation errors and not their fault.

Luckily, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office accepted the complaint in their Consumer Fraud Division and are moving forward with the case. It will be helpful if we can locate other users of Amsoil products who have had problems with either their products, technical support or customer service.

IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH AMSOIL—PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THE DETAILS. Thank you for your assistance and if this turns into a class action suit, it may also benefit you. Send email to [email protected].

Thanks again.

[email protected]
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