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Hello all, I'm relatively new here (joined last week) and just wanted to introduce myself to the wider populus.

My name is Sheridan Brown from Perth in Western Australia, and I've just become the proud owner of a Ford again after a very long break.

Just last week I picked up a 1 owner 1971 XY Falcon 500 sedan, with 250 6cyl, 3 speed manual on the column. The car is totally original, only has about 70,000 miles, and is dead straight and completely rust free being a dry country car. I'm just so excited about it.

I've been big into American Muscle Cars in recent years with a mainly Mopar flavour, but being a strong follower of the Aussie V8 Supercar Racing I couldn't resist a good ole' Aussie built Ford any longer.

I've also been a part of many mailing lists and forums over the years with my various cars, and am looking forward to contributing on this one and getting to know everyone.

So you can get an idea of what I've been about here is a list of all the cars I've owned (including a couple of Fords) starting with the most recent first:
1969 Corvette Stingray - 350, 4 spd
1968 Dodge VE ute - 225, 4 spd
1973 Valiant VJ Hardtop - 245, auto
1969 Dodge Charger - 383, auto
1971 Plymouth Barracuda - 318, auto
1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - 351, 4 spd
1970 Chrysler Cordoba - 383, auto
1970 Plymouth Duster - 225, auto
1971 Valiant VH Hardtop - 245, 4 spd
1979 Ford XC Falcon - 250, 3 spd

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Allright, another Aussie member. You guys are great! Welcome aboard!
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