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I dont have an E series xr6, wish i did, but was sent this as i enquired a while ago. Funny the top chip is the same as BA.

"Your Ford Falcon EB II/ED XR6 4.0 uses a specially manufactured Ford computer, unlike any other vehicle manufacturer. The Powerchip is a plug-in board which plugs into an edge connector on your computer. Once installed the Powerchip will override the settings from the computer, and improve performance. To return the vehicle to standard settings, simply un-plug the board from the edge connector (making sure the ignition is OFF). Fitting is easy and can be performed in about 30 minutes with full colour fitting instructions, including pictures. The Powerchip is available by next day courier.

In standard form, the Falcon EB II/ED XR6 4.0 produces 161 kW and 365 Nm.

Powerchip has a range of chips to suit your car, which can increase it's power to between 173 kW and 183 kW, and it's torque to between 386 Nm and 408 Nm.

The price of the Powerchips for your car ranges from AUD $489.50 to AUD $689.70."
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