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Well, As many of you know, I have a 2.3l Focus ZX5, and recently got a sponsorship from Focus Central ( ) and they wanted to run some parts on my car.

After having trouble with the RPM sensor on the dyno, we rocked out a 121.7 fwhp / 132.2 fwtq pull followed by a 121.3 fwhp / 132.2 fwtq pull, and we figured that was pretty close and that became our baseline.

The idea was to install a part, do a dyno, install another part, another dyno, and so on. We knew this was going to take a lot of time. This is how it broke down.

First, Dave installed the Focus Central 65mm Throttle Body while it was still strapped down on the dyno for our first part. FC Blue Annodized looks awesome. We left the Stock Intake in place, and the Dyno results were: fwhp -.1 and fwtq +.1 from baseline. The difference in Throttle Responce was amazing!

Second, Dave and I installed the 3" Focus Central Cold Air Intake. Ceramic Coated and lookin good, with a HUGE Dual cone filter. Dyno results were: fwhp +7.4 and +6.5 fwtq from baseline.

Due to the late start we only got the first two mods on on Tuesday. We called it a night.

For the Third Mod Dennis and Dave installed the FC 2pc UDP set. Dyno showed: fwhp +13 and fwtq +10.5 above the stock run. Gotta love that rotational mass!!

Fourth we installed the FC 4-1 Race Header, and FC Flex Pipe. This was when the "WOW!!" factor started. Dyno prooved: fwhp +21.1 and fwtq +14.4 over stock!!! Holy Hot Horsepower Batman!

The Fifth and final mod was the Borla 2.5" Cat Back Exhaust. Dennis and I had the pleasure of doing this, right after the dyno pull from the header... hahaha! Fun stuff. Opening the outflow of exhaust brought the dyno to +29.4 fwhp and +20.1 fwtq over stock!! This car is now the bomb!

After all was said and done, Dave and I recalled seeing a second screen down in the Stock MAF. We assumed it was an "air straightener" and nothing more. We decided to pop it out and see what happened. That little bastard was sucking 3 hp and 1.6ftlb tq from the word go!!

Final Front Wheel HP = 153.7 Final Front Wheel Torque = 153.9 That was Up 32.4 fwhp and 21.7 fwtq from stock. We were all stoked. Dennis sitting on the dyno, Dave and I standing in front of the computer, surrounded by my wife and others, and every one of us with smiles on our faces! Good Times!

I want to thank Dave, Dennis and John from Focus Central. I couldn't be happier, nor could I have been more impressed by your guys' courtesy and generosity, and attitude. You guys rock!

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To quote yourself:

ilselu1 said:
Holy Hot Horsepower Batman!
Whoa, what can I say. Great write up, thanks for taking the time!

I am looking at doing these very same mods to my car (although damnit, I'll have to pay for them all). Fortunately I have the constant use of a dyno, now I can't wait to get these same set of mods and throw them on.

Congrats on the great work, have fun with it :wnc:

Cheers... Tim
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