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I bought a kit from that showed 6 bushings, when it got here it only had two, so I go back to where I bought them and see nothing saying "pic is different from what your actually buying" or anything, so sat, and sun I was thinking there has to be another package coming Monday, but when I called the guy on Monday he told me that was it, I told him I wanted a refund and he asked why?

So I told him, not only is it false advertisement, but I got no shipping receipt, and the price for just those two bushings is way off, I then told em how I could buy them for $22 bucks off CFM, and he went on to say hold on one min, it does say near the price The word "each", so I said that still means nothing, the picture is showing what I was buying, it said nothing about the other four in the pic not being included.

So long story short, I convinced him it is not totally my fault, but both of ours, and that I would be happy if the 10% re-stock fee got waived and I got a re-fund when I ship it back myself.

We agreed after he talked to his supervisor.

Here is the link to what I bought, so no-one else gets caught in this little trick of theirs. And I call it a trick because every other site that use's that same pic, they add "picture is not accurate of what your buying", and some sites tell you your only getting the big two, and not the smaller four.

So I call, a place I would not want to buy from, because if there willing to leave the part like that for more people to make mistakes, then they are just trying to screw people with certain products they sell. And charging $31.16 for just the two big one's is way over priced, especially when they say we beat all prices.

Here is the link,

When you first look at this you think it is a kit of 6, but really it is only the two big one's. Luckily for me I got out of it, and got my money back.

But be careful out their people, I used to hear this place was good, maybe with certain stuff they are, but if there willing to screw people on certain products, then their not worth dealing with all together.

Thanks for listening,

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