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First-- I will cut to the quick! I recommend using 100% G12 antifreeze and there is an attached URL showing why latter in my post!

I have owned a couple of Taurus' with the Vulcan engine. I have one in my driveway as I type that is going "west!" and I believe antifreeze had a lot to do with it including plugging my heater core. The car is a 1999. A couple of years ago I had the famous timing chain gasket fail due to galvanic corrosion. Simple fix it is NOT! The shop where I take stuff which is beyond my desire to repair wanted $1000 to fix..... in fact, they did not even want to do the job!

Think about it!!! Everything on the passenger's side has to be stripped. That includes the alternator, AC pump, water pump, engine pulley and finally the timing chain cover just to get at the gasket. But now the REAL FUN begins!

In order to reinstall the timing chain cover along with the gasket, YOU MUST DROP THE OIL PAN!!! OK, you really don't have to IF YOU GET LUCKY the pan gasket might just survive the reinstallation process AND YOUI HAVE TO BE REALLY LUCKY. And if you screw up there are no options, you must drop the pan or have oil all over the ground where the car travels.

I know of no way to install galvanic corrosion anodes!!!! But you REALLY DO NOT NEED ANY (IMHO....and I am an electrical engineer) if the cooling fluid has a very high DC resistance. A few years ago a guy who uses the handle of "ghost6303" posted an experiment testing the popular antifreezes for galvanic corrosion. Please also note I am looking for another taurus, 2002 version and I intend to follow Ghost's recommendations. Anyway, Ghost tested G12, Dexcool and Peak antifreezes. I am going to leave it to the readers to visit the attached URL to understand just what he did and to see his results. And please Mr. Moderator, I have zero interest in any of the products tested. My interest is to avoid another timing chain gasket failure!!!

Antifreeze Experiment & Testing

Might even be worth making this a sticky! To those of you who took the time to read this far---- I believe you have a chance for extended engine life with knowledge! :hy::hy::hy:


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When you say a 100%, I hope you mean 50:50 premix not concentrate. It's ethylene glycol based and using 100% concentrate would make the coolant too viscous so it cannot easily circulate through the radiator tubes (especially in very cold ambient temperatures where it would become evem more viscous and very jello like) but instead will keep circulating through the coolant bypass circuit and not get cooled and cause the engine to catastrophically overheat and likely blowing a head gasket. Straight concentrate would also will freeze at a temperature not much below where water does so you would lose your antifreeze protection.
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