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I have a 2001 GT Convt. automatic that has been given me the same problem
for more than a year now that two Ford and a general car dealer could not
diagnose or fix:

If I drive in overdrive at anywhere between 35-50mph (i.e. slow highway
speeds) and I take my foot of the gas, the car starts sometimes jerking
back and forth as if it has an engine misfire or is about to die. This
takes about 1 second and afterwards it is fine again. The "check engine"
light does not come on, so it should not be a misfire, Ford told me.
This effect is much more pronounced when I drive faster (i.e.
acceleration, etc.) right before reaching the slower 35-50mph range in
Ford has thoroughly inspected the vehicle but finds nothing wrong. The
computer yields no unusual information.

Can anybody offer any advice on this? The car is in absolutely great
condition, but this is getting so annoying that I am ready to get rid of

Thanks a lot for any thoughts!
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