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Anyone know anything about the '85 Crown Vic PI's

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Have an '85 crown vic police car w 302. Need any info regarding this year Police car.
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Thanks! Need specifics about engine.


Thanks for the info. It was all very useful. As it stands right now, the car is being used as a donor for the engine and trans in my '67 Mustang Coupe. The engine will get a .040 overbore ( I have a brand new set of pistons that came with the Stang), a set of '70 DOOE 302 heads ported/polished, shaved with 1.96/1.60 valves. A mean a#% Crane Cams hydraulic cam. Performer RPM intake and 600 Holley.

The big question about the Police engine, does it have anything like beefier rods or better crank? Anything of that nature would be appreciated.

Anything about the strange overdrive trannythats in it. It has a kickdown rod instead of a TV cable. It is an AOD, looks to be original also. Is it beefed up or do I need to put some strength behind it?

Thanks again,
Brant Mason
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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