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If this comes true then it could result in TWR passing on Ford engine info to HRT!! Arrrgh! ;)

"Rumours circulating at the Nurburgring this weekend suggest that Arrows may well be in line to receive a works engine deal from Ford Cosworth, who design and supply the power units used by the Jaguar team.
The Leafield-based outfit currently utilises Asiatech units, which are based on the Peugeot engines that powered Prost last year. Arrows are thought to be dissatisfied with the lack of power they provide, and so are on the lookout for an alternative supply.

Minardi are also hoping to update their power source, as they currently use out-of-date Ford units, and it had been thought that they may receive a supply from Ford. However, it could make more sense, from Ford's perspective, to supply Arrows, as the company would be able to compare their products' performance between the two teams more fairly.

Neither Minardi, Ford nor Jaguar have confirmed the rumours, or made any announcement as to their supply next season. "
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