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Hello all. I have noticed some comments by members both here and on other sites that I would like to address.

The email notification that you get when someone replies to a thread can be disabled in your profile. In fact there isn't much that can't be changed here, so if you haven't already done so I suggest people have a look at the options in their user cp

We have a private message system. Kinda like a inner site BB. When you get a message, provided you have the option turned on, it will bring a pop up box onto the screen giving you options to read

I noticed one potential member didn't join because the user name he goes by is too short. I think he was using 3 letters, I use 4 and I know one other uses 2. If you are reading and would like to contact admin I feel confident something could be done.

As many have noticed we also run an avatar on this site. Some might have noticed that others have a bigger size. This is a feature that donating members are allowed. This is a free site but should people wish to make a donation there are various side benefits available, including web space.

Lastly, if you have any issues or concerns with the day to day running of the board please contact the relevant moderators.
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