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I was surprised seeing there wasnt a post here in the Off Topic forum talkig about this subject. This is a time where all Americans should come together - and we are doing a great job at that as a nation -, and since if theres a place on FF where members of different models come together than this is it, I thought we should have a discussion here. Please feel free to express your feelings and share your thoughts. Il start it with my latest post I just wrote in the Probe forums.

"Ok guys, its real late and I just got home, Im having a hard time sleeping. Just a couple of thoughts...

Obviously this is a national emergency. Its an overwhelming and truly devastating experience that many of us are having a tough time dealing with. I, personally cant even comprehend the level of destruction this handful of people has caused. Im just starting to realize what had happened, its just started to sink in. The governor has ordered 6000 body bags and is expected to order more. Some people are talking about possibly 10,000-20,000 victims. This may only be numbers but all these people were human beings, people's fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, etc.

If only we had respect for life, if only the people that are responsible for this had respect for life. I dont care what color you are, what nationality, or what faith you believe in, #1 you are a human being and you were given a life. Noone has the right to take that away from you only God.

Its a tremendous crime against humanity and that is the main issue. My main concern is the victims of course, however, I would like to mention something that is not completely related to them. I have friends or arabic origin, I have brothers that are just as devastated as I am or you are, and they are experiencing hatred as a result of this attack on America. Let me clear one thing up. Some people believe this horrific attack has been caused by the faith and mentality of muslim people and that is completely false. I am in no way a knowledgable person to talk about Islam - even though Im familiar with the culture and the history through friends and classes I have taken in school -, but even I know that this mentality the terrorists had and we saw on tv in the West Bank as people cheered and celebrated is in fact condemned by all true muslims. My friends could explain this better, but this mentality is just a false explanaition of the rules of the Koram. According to their faith the terrorists will burn in hell for eternity for their terrific sin, instead of being martyrs as they believed they would become. As much as it was very upsetting to watch people celebrate our great tragedy on the streets in the West Bank, at the end its only a handful of misguided and ignorant people that are responsible for this and the rest of the islamic world should not be blamed or punished.
Now my friends mother - shes of arabic origin - was on her way home after a long day where she put in quiete a few hours of overtime at a police precinct to try to help in any way she could, she was in traffick when someone stopped her and cursed her out simply for being muslim. People this is not cool. I beg you all to get a hold of yourself, and even if your upset and angry please think about the consequences of your actions. Most muslims have nothing to do with this very sad and sick mentality that fuels hatred, and all true muslims condemn the actions taken by the terrorists on the ill-fated planes. Just take a minute to think about this.

I have also received an interesting email with the following:

" In The City Of God ( NYC...Big Buildings...Looks Like God Built It)
There Will Be A Great Thunder ( The Crash ),Two Big Brothers,(The 2 Towers) Torn Apart By Chaos,While The Fortress Endures(4th Plane Doesn't Make It To The White House And The White House Stands),
The Great Leader Will Succumb(We Will Give In) "
" The Third World War Will Begin When The Big City Is Burning "
Nostrodamus 1654 "

Im very fearful for the future of our nation, and for the future of the entire world. I didnt mean to "preach" to you all, but I thought I had to get this off my chest.

God bless!"

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Yeah it's a bum deal thats for sure. It's even affected me up in Alaska. I work at Dollar rent a Car and we cannot rent cars as long as this airport closure is happening. So because of that I've been basically standing around for 10 hours a day waiting for time to go by because I need to get payed and I cannot just take the day off. Now they are saying something about 2-3 more days.

I'm sure they'll find out who did it. With so many people involved there has got to be that clue out there somewhere.

Looks like you are from Queens so you are practically right in the middle of the action..

May all the dead rest in peace...

Shouts out to those brave firemen and police officers lost

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ProbeBandit said:
I have also received an interesting email with the following:

" In The City Of God ( NYC...Big Buildings...Looks Like God Built It)
There Will Be A Great Thunder ( The Crash ),Two Big Brothers,(The 2 Towers) Torn Apart By Chaos,While The Fortress Endures(4th Plane Doesn't Make It To The White House And The White House Stands),
The Great Leader Will Succumb(We Will Give In) "
" The Third World War Will Begin When The Big City Is Burning "
Nostrodamus 1654 "

God bless!"
I will have to find the link to the site, but I found out the other day that Nostradamus actually didn't say that, or something to that effect. I should have bookmarked the site. Regardless, it is a terrible tragedy. I have spent very little time online since it happened, except to be at I just hope that retaliation is swift and fierce.

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There is a thread in the AUSSIE area on all this bad ****.

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You guys should check out the Aussie discussion area, under The Pub, there are a lot of posts on this subject.

We are feeling your pain and express our concerns for all involved. There are many who belive in prayer and lots are being said, so keep going, be strong, our thoughts are with you.

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Check out the other thread in the Aussie area under 'The Pub' - we have just been told that a second wave has been caught attempting further hijacks.

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Nostrodamus quote untrue. Interesting though.

To the red, white and blue, the colors that never run.
May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

9/11/01: Tragedy in the US

The Hoax
Another hoax has been making the rounds. Here is the text included in the hundreds of e-mail messages that I've received from people inquiring about authenticity:
"In the year of the new century and nine months,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city."
"In the city of york there will be a great collapse,
2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos
While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning."
The first supposed prophecy does contain a few elements from various quatrains written by Nostradamus; however, they were not written together as one prophecy. The second "prophecy" being sent with lightning speed across the Internet is completely bogus, as far as I can tell. Incidentally Nostradamus died in the year 1566.
The following are a few genuine quatrains that you might find interesting. For the time being, I am printing only the English translation; over the next few days, I'll include the original French and short explanations on ancient place names.
I've not yet reread the Presages or the Epistle but I do hope to get to those very soon. The following are offered without comment -- and without proofreading.
Century 1, Quatrain 87
Earth-shaking fire from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa will color a new river red.
Century 2, Quatrain 89
One day the two great leaders will become friends,
Their great power will be seen to increase:
The new land will be at the height of its power,
To the bloody one the number reported.
Century 4, Quatrain 16
The free city of Liberty made servile,
Made an asylum for corrupt ones and dreamers:
The King changed, to them not so vehement:
From one hundred will become more than a thousand.
Century 5 Quatrain 65
Suddenly arrived, the terror will be great,
The principal players in the affair are hidden away:
And the lady in the hot coals will no longer be in sight,
Thus little by little will the great ones will be angered.
Century 6, Quatrain 97
At five and forty degrees, the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up,
When they want to have verification from the Normans.
Century 8, Quatrain 17
Those at ease will suddenly be cast down
The world put into trouble by three brothers,
The enemies will seize the marine city,
Famine, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.
Century 8, Quatrain 59
Two times put high, two times put low,
The East also the West will weaken:
Its adversary after several battles,
Driven out by sea will fail at the time of need.
Century 9, Quatrain 81
The sly King will understand his ambushes,
From three fronts the enemies assail,
A strange number, tears from the hooded men,
The brilliance of the translator will come to fail.
Century 10, Quatrain 49
Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Vat,
Drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur.
Century 10, Quatrain 74
The year the great seventh number is accomplished,
Appearing at the time of the games of slaughter:
Not far from the age of the great millennium,
When the dead will come out of their graves.
Century 10, Quatrain 97
Triremes full of captives of all ages,
Times good to bad, the sweet for the bitter:
Prey to the Barbarians hasty they will be too soon,
Greedy to see the "plume" [feather or of smoke?] wail in the wind.
If you would like to read more, here is the link where this information was gathered:
There are several links at the bottom of the page that lead to more relating to Nostradamus and other prophets, a very good, informative site.
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