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Hi all,

I saw on that there is a sequence to change the shift mode of the auto in the AU XR6 from performance, economy and auto. I followed the sequence but every time, in every sequence the LCD displayed and flashed econ, never changing to performance as I was hoping to do. Now as far as I am aware I have an AU series 3 XR6 VCT, although I am a bit confused as to whether it is actually a series 3 or just re-badged. As far as I was aware all series 3 XR6 VCT's came standard with IRS but mine definitely has a live axle diff.

I only just got my XR6 VCT and am eager to learn as much as I can and at the same time getting as much as I can out of it.

Can anyone shed an light on the above or below? Any help appreciated.

See the instructions below.

Stop the vehicle, apply Park Brake and turn Ignition Off

Apply Foot Brake and move gear selector to:

1 for Maximum Performance Mode
2 for Maximum Economy Mode
3 for Adaptive Shift Strategy

Turn the ignition On and wait for the air bag warning light to turn off

Move the selector to "R" and wait for the segment on the cluster to confirm the mode selected:

(Not sure if you will see this in XR's only for T series)

PEF - Maximum Performance Mode
ECO - Maximum Economy Mode
ADP - Adaptive Shift Strategy

Return gear selector to "P" and start the engine.

Programmed modes will remain unless the EEC is reprogrammed by the above procedure or the vehicle battery power is removed.

Default mode after battery reconnection is ADP.
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