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This here Aussie was probably passing through the LA and Washington DC and/or Maryland areas in a week or so and had one day free to shop for some good Windsor 347 parts.

My shopping list is:

- Trick Flow twisted wedge alloy heads
- Trick Flow intake manifold

Anyone have any ideas on a good way to get these pronto and at a good price? Remember, I can't order and wait. Must be quick turnaround!

I was after names and contacts of some good stores.


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agawam said:
hey Pete how can I get a set of those aussie cleveland heads and maybe a intake for the 302
Those heads are around here in NZ as well. As far as i know the manifold is a normal Cleveland and the heads are 2v Cleveland but have the closed chambers to give compression with only 302 cubes. I think it is normal Cleve in every other way aside from stroke (crank/pistons).
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