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Australian Ford Performance Catalogue

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What are peoples thoughts in regard to Ford Aus. releasing an "Annual" performance parts catalogue, listing all Australian supported goodies, similar to what they do in the US. These catalogues could provide a "breeding" ground for streetcar / racer types, who want to fly the BLUE OVAL, as well as showing that for the purist there IS an alternative to shopping elsewhere. This concept shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish considering the interchangeability of some of the Ford parts from the US/Europe - Aus markets. This would be a perfect opportunity for the "Ford merchandising" people.If the price was right I'd most certainly have to add one to my collection of Ford Bibles.
The most important thing is that the catalogue requires REAL AUSSIE content, (ie Tickford), as well as an organised merchandising approach from the Ford teams (They support/sell Ford, so why not support them in return)
What other content do people suggest?
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Great Idea!!!!!

But would Ford Australia do it...

Remember Ford is in business to sell "Ford" parts. Most of the real performance parts are not manufactured by Ford. i.e. Non Ford Genuine parts. I really don't see them offering to sell or advertise parts for other manufactures.

However for "Ford" Genuine Parts I am sure they could do something....

Sorry Wulos, I miss understood I thought you meant any add on performance parts. I'm with you, Ford do have some sh#t hot add ons.

Bring on the Cattle Dog.... I'll buy it!!!!

1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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