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Australian Ford Performance Catalogue

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What are peoples thoughts in regard to Ford Aus. releasing an "Annual" performance parts catalogue, listing all Australian supported goodies, similar to what they do in the US. These catalogues could provide a "breeding" ground for streetcar / racer types, who want to fly the BLUE OVAL, as well as showing that for the purist there IS an alternative to shopping elsewhere. This concept shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish considering the interchangeability of some of the Ford parts from the US/Europe - Aus markets. This would be a perfect opportunity for the "Ford merchandising" people.If the price was right I'd most certainly have to add one to my collection of Ford Bibles.
The most important thing is that the catalogue requires REAL AUSSIE content, (ie Tickford), as well as an organised merchandising approach from the Ford teams (They support/sell Ford, so why not support them in return)
What other content do people suggest?
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I reckon that'd be kickass, If you buy an EB XR6 or something second hand, then you'd be able to pick up an SVO catalog and get a VCT kit for it, get an extra 50 flywheel kW.. It'd sure beat trying to find an AU VCT wrecked, or going out to buy a new VCT when the XR youve bought is perfectly fine
*WARNING* Be carefull when buying external parts from FORDMOTORSPORT or SVO especially from the states. Internal parts are O.K. Some of the external parts are featured for right hand engine setup and not left hand setup like we have.

IE: 70mm throttle body for SVO Mustang, because it was advertised for Mustang. Wont fit on Falcon because throttle linkage is on other side.
Absolutely right mate! I would be talking to Alan Sykes at Southside before getting anything you're not sure about, he knows his stuff and will let you know of potential fitting problems. Another example I can think of is something a little closer to home for me, the Cobra R intake manifold. The orientation of the throttle body section is aligned for the US market, and hence there are difficulties fitting the cruise control! :(
another one that springs to mind is the intake manifold for SVO Mustangs especially the 5.0 HO option, on the Mustang the inlet is facing forward and on the right hand side of the engine, it will fit on the Falcon because the inlet manifold is a 2 peice fitment. however when you turn the top plenum around the inlet now faces the firewall of your car.
The latter model throttle bodies will work though just put cable through the other way.From 95 on the top manifold were the t/b fits turns to the front as you say doc,but a gt40 top bolts right on.You are not wrong about spending more.I have tried to buy parts from our local dealer and unless you allready have a tickford they won't sell them to you.I guess there are other means!I'm looking for a gt40 top myself or go twisted wedge whole inlet,possibly cheaper,but man are they big.
I agree, I nearly got suckered into buying something, until I looked hard at the picture, and thought "hang on a minute". As mike said get in contact with southside ford in brizzie, and tell them the whole story, not the parts you want them to hear.

remember if you dont ask, you dont get. it's on your head if it's the wrong part, or the wrong fit.
Nipper said:
Great Idea!!!!!

But would Ford Australia do it...

Remember Ford is in business to sell "Ford" parts. Most of the real performance parts are not manufactured by Ford. i.e. Non Ford Genuine parts. I really don't see them offering to sell or advertise parts for other manufactures.

However for "Ford" Genuine Parts I am sure they could do something....

I happen to work very closely with the parts people and believe me, they won't advertise anything (or be involved for that matter) that ISN'T branded Ford Genuine Parts.

There are a few parts catalogues and advertising materials coming out to dealers but they mainly reflect on the superiority of Ford Genuine parts versus after-market. Nothing yet on performance parts and to be honest, I don't see it happening in the near future because the manager is concentrating on volume items and not peformance parts. *sigh* :(
we'll see......he he he.
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