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by Paul A. Eisenstein 1/15/2003

What do tomorrow’s automotive and transportation designers think of today’s concept cars and trucks?

That was the underlying question when a team of students from Detroit ’s College for Creative Studies was unleashed at the 2003 North American International Auto Show. The young men and women who may very well bring their own ideas to the auto show circuit in the years ahead were asked to pick the best concepts based on such criteria as pure design, environmental consciousness and ergonomics.

“Our students, the automotive designers of tomorrow, can offer tremendous insight into the design ideas of today,” said Richard L. Rogers, president of Detroit-based CCS, considered one of the leading schools for automotive design students.

In all, the CCS awards team consisted of eight judges. Along with Hunwick, Molinari and Luke, they also includes Justin DiCocco, Ryan Paul, Adrian Goring, Kahn Hall, and Gary Ruiz.

If we can now have a hip-hop drumroll, we’ll list the CCS winners of the first Creative Concept Student Awards:

Designer’s Design Award – Ford Mustang

According to the judges, this is the vehicle that must be built. It is the best in the show. The Mustang exemplifies innovation, emotion, refinement, and the ability to transcend the common. “The first time I saw the new Mustang, I wanted to buy it right on the spot – and I still do,” said Molinari. “It’s a real challenge to redesign such an icon, but its heritage has been successfully captured.”

The Green Award -- Ford Model U

The Ford Model U exemplifies concern for the future and recyclability of parts, in addition to fuel and pollution minimization. Criteria included planet friendliness, use of alternative fuels, and efficient ideas in parts, materials and processes. “I voted for the Ford Model U because of its extensive use of recyclable materials, such as the interior panels and fabric,” said student judge Darren Luke.


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