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As requested, I have posted a pic of the bracket and 5/8" rod for the pedal box in a manual conversion. You do not have to remove the pedal box to carry this out, and believe me, removal is a real pain.
The pic I have displayed shows a rectangular diagram, with a large hole at the top, and two smaller circles representing bolts in a grooved slide.
To start off, to install the clutch pedal you need to get hold of some 5/8" inch or 16mm steel rod. Weld a small square flat piece of steel on one end to assist in strength and ease of welding. You will notice under the dash on the left of the pedal box there are two holes the same size as the steel rod. One of these is for the pedal. Make sure you select the correct hole, which is the lower one from memory, otherwise the pedal will be higher than the others.
Slide the piece of 5/8 rod into the hole and weld the square part to the pedal box. Be careful not to melt any wires of vacuum hoses if using an arc welder, a mig welder is much preferred.
Once this is done, slide the clutch pedal over the rod.
The idea of the steel plate I have quickly drawn up is to prevent the stress on the pedal box cracking around the rod. It helps carry the pedal load when engaging the clutch. On one end of the steel plate a hole is drilled the same size as the rod. This then slides over the existing part of the rod. The bracket is in two pieces, the bottom is welded or tech screwed to the firewall, the top piece is bolted in the adjustable slide and tightened to prevent the bracket slipping. This makes life easier for future pedal removal.
Hope this is all clear enough for those who need it, I drew it as clear as possible. Good Luck!


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