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Press Releases
By: Brad Nevin | Ford Communications Network

The 2004 Ford F-150 stands alone as the best truck in Canada. For more information on the F-150, visit the Ford Vehicles website.
OAKVILLE, ON -- The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) has named the Ford F-150 2004 Truck of the Year.
This most-recent Truck of the Year award is a powerful addition to an already well-stocked trophy case for the 2004 F-150. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHHS) assigned the vehicle its "top crash rating" and labeled it the "best pick" in frontal offset crash testing - the institute's highest possible rating. In addition, the 2004 F-150 had already received the coveted Motor Trend "Truck of the Year" award, and the 2004 Automotive Showcase People's Choice Award (Winnipeg Free Press). Car and Driver magazine also recently gave the F-150 its "5Best Trucks" award.

"Make no mistake about it, the F-150 is the best truck anywhere," said Alain Batty, Ford of Canada president & CEO. "Being selected as Truck of the Year by this knowledgeable group is quite an accomplishment for Canada's best-selling vehicle. We're proud to add this distinction to our growing list of awards."

Jim Kenzie, president of the Canadian Car of the Year Awards, said that "Canadian consumers want to know what are the best new buys in 2004. Based on survey results of previous Car of the Year buyers, almost 70 percent were influenced to purchase their car because it was chosen the 'Canadian Car of the Year.'"

The AJAC follows a sophisticated and rigorous testing process to select winners. Every year, a professional group of automotive experts meet at Shannonville Motorsports Park near Belleville, Ontario for a four-day automotive "TestFest."

"The 58 vehicle entries were performance-tested for acceleration, braking and passing times, at least four times each," said AJAC Car of the Year director Laurance Yap. Every member of the AJAC test team compares every vehicle in its class, back-to-back, on the same roads and under the same conditions. Vehicle dynamics, safety features, cargo capacity and off-road capability are considered, in addition to a series of "real world" driving loops on public roads. Journalists were running an average of 10 driving loops a day during team testing over the four-day period.

"There is a reason that Ford has been Canada's best-selling brand for the past 13 years," Batty said. "Now that we've poured on the power and created unsurpassed interior comfort, convenience and craftsmanship on F-150, Canada's favorite truck, I'm sure we'll see that record reach its 14th year."

So far, the 2004 F-150's trophy case includes:

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada's Canadian Truck of the Year
Car and Driver Magazine 5Best Truck
North American Truck of the Year
2004 Motor Trend Truck of the Year
Best-selling pick-up in Canada for the last 38 years
Best-selling vehicle in Canada in 2003
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's "top crash" rating
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's "best pick-up" designation

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