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Hi all,

I've only just found this forum after spending a lot of time on other ford websites - think it's most useful by far! Enough brown nosing...

I've read a lot about people having issues with the drive by wire in the BA XR8's, which is highlighted more so I guess by the great low down response of the windsor.

I've had a lot of experience with AU 5lt one tonners, and BA XR8's and am hoping to invest in something inbetween - mostly to haul my trailbike around in comfortably. I really wasn't a fan of the BA's low down torque and throttle delay, but want more up top than the windsors 175kw.

For the same money you can pick up an AUII XR8, or a BA 3V. I know these cars are designed for different things, but i'm really keen to get some opinions on others who have driven these. Does the 3v BA V8 have the same issues with the throttle delay compared to the boss motor, is it's torque around 1000-1500rpm more or less than a 200kw AU do you reckon?

Thanks for your thoughts,

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